Why veganism is a religion


Lately, I’ve been bombarded with vegan messages and comments all around. It is sometimes impressive how the weak, bony individuals that subscribe to this set of beliefs can be so loud and aggressive in promoting their ideology and way of life. It seems a lot, if not exactly, as high religious fervor, and that is why I have come to the conclusion that veganism is the new religion of the weak atheist, and I will explain why.


1 They reject other religious beliefs as wrong

Contrary to agnostics, or people who simply don’t care, atheists, but especially those as vocal as activist vegans, reject all kinds of religious belief as wrong. Any belief in the supernatural or in a being that acts outside the realm of the physical universe is dismissed as impossible, irrational, and archaic without second consideration. Just like adherents of other religions they believe they hold the universal truth to the mysteries not only of this life but of what lies about it (nothing in their opinion). And just like other religions they use their own set of writing to prove their point, even if their set of writings is outdated or is not within the scope of the topic being discussed (the scientific method cannot be used to prove or disprove the existence of God).

2 They set up a new god

Some atheists stop, at least in practice, with the denial of the existence of God and then go on with their lives. Not so with vegans. Like Christians changing the concept of Jehova into a Trinity, and the Muslims changing it all for Allah, or like ancient people creating the likes of Zeus, or any other deity, vegans set up a new all powerful being who has the future of the world in their hands and is responsible to care for creation (or whatever they call it), themselves. What puzzles me is that some of them claim that declaring that God created humans as superior is arrogant without realizing the arrogance of considering themselves as the ultimate product of evolution superior to everyone else and in charge of caring for Mother Nature.

They have a strict code of rules and rituals

Now this new god has an appetite for sacrifices and rituals, just like any other. I would not believe anyone who says that giving up meat is not a sacrifice. But the way vegans enforce their rule of animals-are-just-like-people-but-need-people-to-protect-them (very similar to the feminist idea of women-are-equal-to-men-but-need-men-to-enforce-that-equality) is not unlike the way Jews or a Muslims enforce their dietary restrictions. If you have ever cooked dinner and a vegan happened to come by (I wouldn’t think you would invite them on purpose) you know that they can go as far as digging in your trash, reading the labels of anything you used, ask for every single ingredient and then “politely” decline your dinner. No matter that the animal used to provide their food has “suffered” just the same and instead of someone making good use of it, just throwing it to the trash.

4 They believe their morality is superior to everyone else’s

According to vegans if you eat meat, drink milk, or anything of the like, you are an morally corrupt, soulless person. They alone, as the true practitioners of real empathy, are the ones authorized to approve or disapprove of animal treatment, and anything that doesn’t make them feel quite comfortable is dismissed as immoral and inhumane. Their morality is so superior that they know how your conscience looks better than yourself (read the last sentence).

5 They constantly preach against the evil of the “infidels” and try to get new converts

Finally they are always boasting about their way of life and trying to convince other people to start doing the same. Going back to having a vegan come over for dinner (an experience I don’t wish to anyone), not content enough with rejecting your food, they don’t allow anyone else enjoy their dinner by explaining how evil meat, or cheese, or eggs are while everybody else is trying to eat. They organize street demonstrations against the evilness of eating meat not unlike those of religious groups against abortion. And they even get violent or use aggressive messages like rioting muslims in Egypt.


In conclusion, veganism seems to me to be a filler for the need for religion of some people that have decided they don’t want another God and judge of moral character than themselves. The biggest difference between veganism and other religions is that according to its own ideology my decision to become a vegan or not has no consequence on my afterlife, so I really don’t have anything to worry about (for now, I’m not sure I trust the idiocy of PC, vote whoring politicians).