The NFL strikes again, gun control edition

By now it is evident that I am a big NFL fan. But I watch it for the game, not to get political comments, especially when I’m watching a late night game that means I’m going to bed at around 5:00 am. So of course I was pissed when during halftime a commentator started speaking about guns.

To put it all in context, this game was just a few days after the murder by and eventual suicide of an NFL player. Of course these are things you wish never happened, but what is sickening is to use this single case together with the relevance and national reach of the NFL to make it into a rant about gun control. Of course this rant earned praises throughout liberal media (which I will not link) willing to make gun control a hot issue again and continue to take liberties away from people.

As a non-american living in Europe I am probably the only person I know in my social circle to be agains gun control, and it is always a struggle to explain my position (maybe I should follow this advice, but it is something I strongly feel about and sometimes find myself defending the SecondĀ AmendmentĀ to people that wouldn’t even appreciate it). So it doesn’t help when “even Americans are realizing the danger of no gun control.”

The problem is that the upside of gun ownership is seldom in the news, or at least in such long-reaching news. Whenever someone manages to defend their home it barely gets out, the defendant is mocked (thought he is a 91 year old veteran), or they are charged with murder. Never mind that some people have given their lives to defend their homes from powerful drug cartels just south of the border (this last one is in Spanish but maybe you can understand it).

In Europe people don’t seem to understand that a man has the right to defend his home and his loved ones. They always tell me “that’s what the police is for.” They don’t seem to understand that police is usually there AFTER a crime has been committed they are not there to protect you before. Are Americans really so willing to give this right up? I used to look at the US as a country where people were really free, but this perception seems to diminish every time I read, listen, or watch news from the liberal media and then read comments supporting all kind of freedom restriction in the name of a supposed superior morality leftists seem to believe they have.


Meanwhile in the UK

Just across the canal, it seems that having strong political views equals racism.

As a non-white immigrant with strong political views this perplexes me and at the same time angers me beyond words.