The Matrix in sports and men’s conditioning

I am a big fan of football. Even though I live in europe and when I say football most people think about soccer, and try to correct me, for me football is usually American football. Unfortunately being on the other side of the pond I rarely can see the matches live. Instead I go to the NFL webpage and watch highlights.

Lately, every time I want to watch a highlight I see a commercial from a jewelry ,Kay I think, showing that if you ever want to receive a kiss you need to be spending money buying some some gold, or whatever, to your girlfriend/wife. Dalrock had already posted about the invasion of feminism into the NFL, but as a recent discoverer of the Matrix it still surprises me that when you are trying to see why your favorite team lost so badly you are bombarded worse than Israel under rocket fire with messages about how you better make up for this moment of egoism if you ever want to get the intimacy of your lady back.

This is not a new theme, I have seen it in other sports, usually the commercial goes like this: you are watching your favorite team, your girlfriend/wife starts complaining, eventually she gets mad, and you have to “make up for it” by buying whatever product/service/vacation plan is being announced. Sometimes it’s a bit more subtle like the commercials about jewelry in videos whose viewers are mainly male.

As a previously blind man who only recently started seeing I don’t feel I have the wisdom to discuss this topic as deeply as more experienced writers would, but it doesn’t mean I’m not amazed when I see the Matrix all around me, even in sports, and I wonder how many guys fall for this because they believe that it is the only way a girl will ever like them. But I think I understand how many of them would think so because of a story from my childhood:

I was ten or eleven years old, and there was a girl 8 or 9 that was my “girlfriend”. What did this mean? I have no idea, but I remember I enjoyed being with this girl because she treated me different than all the other boys, though I hated the fact that she called me the Spanish equivalent of “hubby”. I had never done anything for this girl, but when my mom found out about her, she started buying little presents for her that I was supposed to give to her when I say her. Of course all the moms involved in the activity I met this girl from (Bible study, btw) thought it was super cute (probably aided by the fact that this made highly embarrassed) and kept pushing for us to be together. The girl maybe had a better idea than I about what was happening but probably not too much. However, when I look back at this time in my life I see how we both, but specially me, got conditioned to believe that jewels and gifts bought a woman’s attention (though when I think about it initially I had done nothing of the sort), and it took another fifteen or so years to finally get rid of this conditioning (update, for more on conditioning by moms check out this great post by the Private Man I just found).


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