Will a gay man marry your girlfriend?

It seems WordPress does not support videos from this website, but you can check it here:

Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends

This is a post I have been popping up in facebook from a wide variety of friends, from east to west, from north to south (though all fairly westernized). I don’t think it’s necessary to stress how beta this behavior would be and how it can affect men. After seeing this it doesn’t surprise me that everyday it’s harder to tell apart a gay man from a straight one (I’m speaking to you hipsters). I would leave the deeper analysis of the issue to more experienced ones such as Rollo or Roosh.

What shocked me, though was the amount of guys that promote, like, or comment the video as if it held some kind of truth. No! I should not learn to make a mother fucking quiche! And honestly, I’ve never met a girl who thought it was important for her man to know the difference between hummus and whatever the other thing was. But what’s more important, who wants to be the shoulder a girl complains to? You want to be the guy she complains about, and it surprises me that many of these guys having been on the receiving end of girl verbal gangbang without getting any real action still think it is the right strategy and will try it again with the next girl. And the worst part, when I’ve tried addressing this situation with some friends they are so conditioned that they might even get some sort of reassurance by telling themselves that this means they are somehow better than the guy the girl is complaining about. I used to be like that, but I sure wish more men would see the light: even if gay men will marry your girlfriends it might mean more free women for you.


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